VIFA - The Visual Intelligent Foaling Alarm

A horse foaling alarm using state of the art artificial intelligence to analyze horse behavior, from where foaling can be predicted


A foaling-alarm that is reliable and accurate giving the user peace of mind

Maximize Animal Welfare

A foaling-alarm that don’t restrict or affect the horse in any way. 

Easy Installation

Connect the camera to the internet and plug in AI – Device with Easy setup.

Foaling Alarm with AI, Why ?

The process of foaling can be stressful for both the mare and the owner.  We wanted to develop a solution that gave the owner peace of mind, without needing to attach anything to the horse.

This foaling-alarm combines a high degree of security, without affecting the horse. 

How Do The Foaling Alarm Work ?

We get input from the camera and runs this through the connected AI – device. The AI – device has installed a computer vision algorithm that can interpret horse behavior. 

The solutions will tell when foaling has started (shown right) and when the horse acts like foaling is imminent (shown below)

We use a combination of horse “movement types” focusing on “restless behavior” to estimate when foaling is imminent.

Our Product - "VIFA"

Our product (VIFA) is a camera and a small single board computer (Raspberry Pi). 

1: You connect the camera to the internet and plug in the AI – Device (Raspberry Pi).

2: Afterwards you press in the phone-number, to where the alarm will be sent. 

*All calculations are embedded on the  AI – device, this protects your data.

How To Buy ?

We have just launched! 

Entroductory offer: 2995 

VAT not included 

Delivery: Est. 3-4 weeks

Please contact us by email to order.


Thank you for your patience :0) 

Who We Are ?

This project comes is part of the AI company First Principles Modelling (FPM).  FPM develops Visual AI – solutions from idea to  production.

We devolved VIFA after being contacted by a concerned horse-owner. After hearing about the stressful process of foaling, we had to make this product. 

Nerd Talk -
Let`s Geek Out!

The used algorithm is created from machine learning using deep learning. We used supervised learning combined with computer vision to make it possible.


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